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Momentum Beats Motivation

We can't always wait to act until we're motivated

End the Negative Cycle

You can write a new story.

Depressed. Deflated. Anxious. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stuck.  If you could just “snap out of it” life would be easier, you tell yourself.  But it’s not that simple. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You know there is a better way to live and are ready to change your life’s narrative. Moving past your negative self talk and feel better about yourself, your situation, your emotions, and even your flaws.  But how?

What I do:

I use mindfulness and cognitive behavioral techniques to allow you to see that you and your mind are your biggest asset.

I can help you:

  • Identify core fears and negative beliefs that are keeping you stuck from your goals
  • Gain the insight and inspiration from your own intuition that you’ve had all along
  • Develop a positive and resilient mindset so you can “go with the flow”
  • Learn how to actually get what you want not give into fear

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Make a shift in your life

You already have the ability.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck.  I’ve moved from one career to the other finding that I was only living my life through a perceived sense of what I “should be doing” but not actually doing what I loved doing.  I was never completely satisfied and couldn’t figure out why.  I learned how I could use my natural strengths to begin to follow my own unique path. No more living my life through obligation. No more going through the motions. I am passionate about helping others realize they have so much to express, create, and give back to the world. Not only to the world but to themselves.

I can help you:

  • Explore and identify your natural abilities, passions, strengths and skills
  • Learn to use those strengths, and as well as your weaknesses, to your advantage
  • Find the courage and confidence to make lasting change in your personal life and career
  • Make desired changes that you love and can stick with
  • Stay on track and stay focused

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John Harrison Counselor and Couples Therapist

Hi, I’m John Harrison.

I’m passionate about helping people get “unstuck” from their depression, anxieties, and fear of change. I work with couples who want to have better and more connected relationships.

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